About Me

MichiganI have been a private investigator since 1996 and in these 25 years I have worked on numerous cases that required me to locate an individual. I have taken such cases for corporate and legal establishments as well as for individuals and genealogy research agencies. The reasons for launching these investigations were sometimes personal and other times profit linked or monetary in nature. Of course, there have also been instances when I looked up the details of an individual because he/she had a run in with the law and had skipped town after bail, leaving the bail bond agent in a tight spot. The majority of my work is in states of Florida and Texas but my services have been sought by clients all over the country and even in Canada. In Arizona, I have worked with the Locator Ltd and in Canada with International Genealogy Research. Although skip tracing may seem like a simple enough job that entails procuring information about an individual, the requirement for data varies depending on the reason for the investigation. For instance: • The police and bail bondsman usually want me to find suspects who have escaped after being freed on bail. • Genealogy research offices are keen to know about the relatives of an individual, which helps them to construct the family tree. • Individuals typically want to find friends and family or want to learn about the medical history of their family. • Lawyers usually want locates done of individuals who are in some way connected to a case they are handling, be it estate beneficiaries or people who have stopped paying child support. • Realtors want to know more about the owners of a property, starting with the first ownership. • The Unclaimed Person’s Network hands me cases that involve finding the next of kin of a decedent. I don’t charge for these cases because this is a cause that I feel deeply about. So, whatever your requirements, you can be sure that if you are looking for the most current information on a person you know, I can find it for you. I have subscriptions to most databases such as the TLO. I rely on these and good ol’ manual investigation to get the information you need. You can read more about my work and how I can help you in this report: How to find any public records