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Genesee County court documents are a cumulative account of what transpired while a case was being argued, including the way in which the matter was disposed by the tribunal. Also known as court dockets, this case file is maintained for all legal matters, whether they are criminal or civil in nature.

Applicants are given two online options to access Genesee County court dockets; albeit these websites will fetch information from two different tribunals. For judicial records from the Circuit Court, you will need to go through the portal at

However, to access general court documents for Genesee County, MI, users will need to visit With both websites, information is offered free of charge. The inquiry on court dockets can be initiated by using the case number or the name of the defendant/plaintiff.

Litigations filed in the area are heard by 3 district courts and the 7th Judicial Circuit Court. These tribunals can also be contacted in person for a case search. Of course, you could also take such inquiries to the clerk of court’s office. This agency will also provide details on civil and criminal cases along with other public records.

To find information on criminal cases, applicants will be asked to provide the name and the date of birth of the subject and the years for which the inquiry should be launched. In contrast, for a civil case search, you can get by with just the name of the litigant. For those of you who are not keen on taking a drive down to a judicial office, there is always the option of sending your inquiries through mail.

The 7th Circuit Court can be contacted at 900 S Saginaw Flint, MI 48502. The office of the county clerk is also maintained at this location. The 2nd Division of the 67th District Court works out of 4094 Manor Drive, Burton, MI  48519.