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The recording of all information pertaining to criminal history and the dissemination of this data is left in the able hands of Michigan State Police. The law enforcement agency maintains a Crime and Justice Information Services (CJIS) division which is in charge of collecting case related information along with arrest records, conviction details and incarceration data from various justice agencies from across the state.

The records stored in the repository maintained by the MSP can be accessed through a name based or a finger print based query. Yet, the Internet Criminal History Access Tool is an online provision for personal identifier searches. On the other hand, finger print inquiries are reserved for cases when a search of this nature is ordered by an executive decree or in situations when federal statutes dictate such an inquiry.

The information that has to be applied as the search criteria includes the name of the subject along with any aliases gender and date of birth if available. Although it is possible to initiate an inquiry with the subject’s name alone, the response received will have information on all offenders who match this very broad query input.

The results provided by the MSP will include details on any warrants issued against the individual, when and where this individual was arrested, the charges brought against him by the state, the verdict and sentencing details of all cases initiated against him, incarceration data including the name of the facility, parole and release dates. Remember that the MSP is legally bound to only provide information on matters that resulted in conviction.

Pursuant to the Michigan Compiled Law on the recording of criminal history data and its dissemination, all justice agencies in the state of Michigan are required to submit arrest reports including the finger prints of the arrestee and the case number for all felonies as well as misdemeanors which are punishable by more than a 90 day prison term. In fact, even offenses which attract a penalty of no more than $100 are also reported to the MSP.

It is imperative to understand here, that like the county sheriff’s office which can only offer crime history reports for matters that occurred within the geographical limits of the county, the MSP will only provide details on cases that occurred in the state of Michigan. There is no provision available with any state agency at this point which allows nationwide crime history searches.

Getting a background check report through the MSP

Among the three options available for getting a crime history check done through the MSP, the most convenient is undoubtedly the ICHAT. To use this tool, go to https://apps.michigan.gov/ichat/home.aspx. You can find crime history information from all 83 counties of Michigan through this facility. Applicant are charged $10 per search and this fee is nonrefundable which means that you will have to incur the cost even when the search returns a “no records found” result.

If you run a nonprofit organization or are associated with a justice agency, this fee will be waived. Because ICHAT is an online search tool, all payments towards such inquires will have to be made through credit or debit card. For people who cannot pay the $10 fee, a mail inquiry will be more appropriate.

Such applicants can request a crime history report under the state’s Freedom of Information Act. This will have to be notified to the MSP by sending in an indigence affidavit along with the search request to the Crime justice Information Center of the Michigan State Police at:

Freedom of Information Unit

P.O. Box 30634

333 S. Grand Ave.

Lansing, MI 48909-0634

You can also request this information by visiting the Lansing office of MSP in person. At this time, the department does not entertain phone inquiries. However, if you have any questions relating to the crime history check, you can contact the agency at 517-241-0606 or write to them at MSP-CRD-ICHATHELP et michigan.gov.