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It takes little to launch a case search in Kent County, MI if you know precisely how to go about the process and the options offered to you. Most people assume that the only way to seek judicial records is to drive down to the local courthouse of the clerk of court’s office. Although this is one of the ways in which you can get access to court documents, it is certainly not the only option available.

For a small fee of $6, you can conduct a name search online at What you are essentially doing here is scouring for the name of the subject through the database of Kent County court dockets.

If you have the case number, you can also gain access to specific judicial records for $2.5 per case. To avail these facilities, you can either register with the website or use their public search service. Needless to say, if you frequently need to access court documents, getting an account will be a cost effective and convenient method.

While looking for court dockets from Kent County, you could also enlist the help of the tribunal that disposed in the matter. The area has 7 district courts and depending on where the criminal incident occurred or where the civil action was filed, the case must have been tried at one of these tribunals.

You can start your case search for Kent County by going to the 59th District Court at Grandville at 3161 Wilson Ave SW Grandville, MI 49418. This tribunal only handles the trial of misdemeanor charges and civil action where the amount under litigation is less than $25,000.

The clerk of court’s office is located at 300 Monroe Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 and they hold the court dockets for the entire judicial system of the area, which includes tribunals at all levels of the judicial hierarchy.