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To find Oakland County court dockets online, you can either use the services of a third party agency or you can visit the portal of the judiciary at https://apps.oakgov.com/crts0004/main. Despite the availability of this new age method, some people choose to take the old school way and visit the tribunals in the area.

Before you harbor any thoughts of taking this approach, it would serve you well to know that we are not talking about one courthouse here. The area is served by 14 district courts and several municipal courts. So, this is going to be a long winded journey if you don’t have the case number in hand and clear information on which court handled the litigation.

If you do elect to go through the arduous process without the requisite information in hand, it would be best to start at the Circuit Court in the 6th District. It is located at 1200 N Telegraph Rd Pontiac, MI 48341 and they cover matters ranging from felonies to civil actions above $25,000.

If the Oakland County court documents that you are seeking pertain to a probate case or are connected to property ownership, you can go to the register of deeds. Fortunately, the clerk of court’s office for Oakland County, MI and that of the county recorders are located at the same address as given above.

So, you may be able to launch a full blown case search for Oakland by driving down to this one address. Another benefit of taking this way to finding court dockets that deserves a mention is the availability of public service terminals at the judicial center.

These computers are linked to the repository of judicial records and they allow you to surf through it on your own. Plus, they won’t charge you for the information offered. However, expect to pay for any printed copies of the documents that you may need.