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There are three ways of contacting the Wayne County Clerk of Court’s department to seek judicial records; you can either write to the agency, call on them in person or you could use their online case search tool. Of course, applicants also have the liberty of visiting the tribunals that form the judicial system of the area.

However, there are 22 judicial districts; this means that you will need to know exactly where a crime occurred or where the civil action was filed before you initiate the case search for Wane County, MI. If you want to take the online route, use the Odyssey website at https://www.3rdcc.org/OPA.aspx.

The case search tool on the website is designed to find court dockets for criminal and civil matters. Furthermore, you can expand the area of your inquiry to the rest of the state. This means that you will essentially have access to judicial records from Wayne County and the rest of Michigan.

If you want to take your inquiry to a tribunal in person, you could start at the Court in the 30th District at 12050 Wood Ward Ave Highland Park, MI 48203. Even if you cannot find the court dockets that you need at this tribunal, at least they will guide you along in the right direction.

For archived judicial records from Wayne County, you can go to the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice at 1441 St Antoine, Rm 901 Detroit, MI 48226. However, they only keep criminal court dockets and you will need to furnish the date of the birth and any aliases to initiate the case search.

As far as the clerk of court’s office goes, it is located at 400 Monroe 7th Floor, Detroit, Michigan 48226. They are the keepers of all court documents; these are recorded without exceptions. Also, they handle the storage of public records. So, you can get the most extensive amount of data about a person through this agency.