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The process used for the issue of active warrants in Antrim County, Michigan, follows a strict set of rules. First, the police approach the local criminal tribunal for arrest warrants when such orders are needed to detain people involved in criminal acts legally.

The Antrim sheriff’s deputies can only take a person into custody if he is found to be in the act of committing a crime or if an individual is arrested leaving the crime scene soon after the incident transpired. However, not all matters are open and shut cases. Often, a thorough investigation has to be done before a suspect can be pinpointed.

If an alleged suspect has to be detained for further investigation, this can only be done after the issue of an active warrant from an Antrim court. Before a warrant is issued, the police must file an affidavit that tells the court of the criminal incident and how the accused was involved in it.

This information has to be enough to establish probable cause if a warrant is to be issued. An order of this nature is legally termed as an active warrant soon after its release and for a few days thereon. However, if an arrest cannot be effected in a reasonable period, this directive is stored in the criminal database of the county, state, and country as an outstanding warrant from Antrim County, which can just as easily be executed at a later date.

When a warrant search is done through any of the justice entities listed below, the applicants are offered information on Antrim County arrest records as well as outstanding orders for detention. The agencies can be contacted in person or through mail at:

  • Police: PO Box 568, 107 Grove St, Bellaire, Michigan 49615
  • Clerk of court: PO Box 520, Bellaire, Michigan 49615
  • Magistrate: 205 E Cayuga St, Bellaire, MI 49615

Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Antrim County over the phone? (2021-data)

  • To know about recent arrests and outstanding warrants: Call the Sheriff’s Department at 231 533 8627.
  • To request information about the help offered to crime victims, contact the Victim-Witness Coordinator- 231-533-6860.
  • To know more about accessing criminal court records: Contact the Clerk’s Office – 231 533 6353.

Crime statistics of Antrim County

Antrim County’s yearly crime average increased by 4% in 2019, to 163 incidents. The annual violent crime rate stood at 33 cases and included 12 rapes and 20 serious assaults.

More than 80 of the complaints listed as property crimes were for larceny-theft, while over 35 were for burglaries.

Just about 200 cases of crime occur in Antrim County, MI, on an annual basis. So, for the period from 2001 to 2008, the total crime average stood at approximately 1600 incidents, of which 5% were attributed to violent crimes. The lower than normal rate of violent criminal acts results from the over 150% drop that was seen in the incident rates of this crime category.

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