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In Iron County, an arrest warrant search can be initiated through various departments involved in the task of supporting the justice network of MI. Typically, people suggest that you go to the sheriff’s office when looking for details on arrests and warrants. Of course, because the police handle all criminal matters, this is sound advice.

However, the role of the judiciary should not be undermined if you are interested in these inquiries. Actually, you will often be happier with the in-depth results furnished by judicial agencies than the ‘crime data’ only approach followed by the police. This does not mean that the sheriff’s department is any less keen than the judiciary in making your results worthwhile.

It is also possible to find information on the criminal incident figures of your neighborhood and the county in general through the cops. You can view the most wanted list as well when at the precinct. As far as judicial entities like the magistrate’s court or the department of the county clerk are concerned, each of them has distinctive information sets.

For example, the magistrate’s office has the power to issue active warrants from Iron County and other legal provisions such as bench orders for arrests, search warrants, summons, and more. Information on all of these, along with the trial that ensued, can be found through this agency.

If you were to approach the clerk of court’s office, you could find criminal and civil records in their court dockets repository. So, when looking for Iron County arrest records and outstanding warrants, you can approach any government department.

  • Law enforcement agency: 2 S Sixth St Ste #18, Crystal Falls, Michigan 49920
  • The county magistrate: 2 S 6th St, Crystal Falls, MI 49920
  • The clerk of court: 2 South 6th Street, Suite 11, Crystal Falls, Michigan 49920

Almost 150 criminal complaints are filed in Iron County, Michigan, every year despite a drop of nearly 25% in overall criminal activity. The rate of violent acts has also reacted favorably to this decrease, going down by almost 10%. In terms of percentage, violent criminal activity accounts for 9% of the area’s total annual crime rate.

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