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The only way to perform a warrant search in Berrien County, MI, is to take a trip down to one or all the state agencies that offer information on active arrest warrants. These include the county clerk’s office, the magistrate’s court, and the sheriff’s department. Like many other counties in the state, Berrien has failed to take advantage of technological progress, so a bit of leg work will be in order.

To look for outstanding warrants through the sheriff’s department, you will have to go through the records or the public services division of the sheriff’s office. They are based at the law enforcement agency’s head office at 919 Port St, St Joseph, Michigan 49085. You will have to take a photo ID and the information about your subject to request the search.

While at the sheriff’s department, you may be asked to wait a day before the results of your inquiry are handed out to you. Things work differently at the Berrien County clerk’s office. Here, you can request information on arrest warrants in BerrienCounty in print format from the department staff; for this, you will have to pay a small fee.

However, if your inquiry is more personal in nature and you do not need a document in hand, you can browse through the court dockets using the public service terminals. To visit the clerk of court’s office, you can go to 701 Main Street, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085.

Finally, at the magistrate’s court, you will only need to furnish a personal ID and information about your subject, and they will put this through their database to get the results for you. To visit this agency, drive to 811 Port Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085.

From 1999 till the year 2008, over 30,000 crimes were reported in Berrien County, Michigan. Although only about 4500 of these were violent in nature, this 13% did include over 3o murders and 500 rapes.

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