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For an arrest warrant search in Montmorency County, MI, the right agency to approach would be the magistrate’s office. When a crime occurs, and arrests cannot be made from the scene of the incident, or little information is available about the perpetrator, the police have no other choice but to seek a judicial order for detention. This is known as an active warrant.

The police have to file a sworn statement in court to seek its issue. The information has to be offered to the judiciary about the criminal occurrence, the proof collected, and why law enforcement blames the alleged suspect for the criminal matter. Based on witness testimony or hard evidence, or even hearsay proof, the police have to show that their assumption is right.

In fact, the information should be enough to make any person of reasonable mental faculties see this. The process is termed as establishing probable cause, and it is a constitutional mandate for the issue of arrest warrants. Because the judge rules at the pre-warrant hearing, it would be apt to approach his office when in need of information on outstanding warrants from Montmorency County as well as arrest records.

Alternatively, you could always go to the sheriff’s office or the county clerk’s department. While the former can tell you about criminal history alone, the office of the clerk of court can furnish information on civil matters along with crime-related data. To initiate the search on warrants and arrests, you will have to go to:

  • Law enforcement agency: 11045 M32, Atlanta, Michigan 49709
  • The county magistrate: 40 N Main St, Mt Clemens, MI 48043
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 789, 12265 M-32 West Atlanta, Michigan 49709

What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Montmorency County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • 989-785-2582 – Call for information on recent arrests.
  • 989-785-4238 – Call for a warrant search.
  • 989-785-8074 – Call to contact Victim/Witness Services.
  • 989-785-8035 (District Court) or 989-354-9573 (Circuit Court) – Call to learn the process for a case search.

Crime statistics of Montmorency County

The Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department received 26 criminal complaints in 2019. There were 17 property offenses and 9 crimes against people among these.

The recorded property offenses included 10 larceny thefts, 5 burglaries, and 2 motor vehicle thefts. The cases filed in the violent crime category were against 8 instances of assault and 1 of rape.

With less than 100 criminal complaints being lodged on an annual basis, it would be safe to suggest that Montmorency County, Michigan, is one of the state’s safest areas. Despite this, almost 50% of all criminal incidents occur close to the victim’s workplace or home. As far as the movement of crime figures is concerned, there was a rise of almost 25% in violent crime, but this was offset by an almost equivalent drop in reported crimes.

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