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An active warrant from Roscommon County, Michigan, can be legally defined as an order from the local tribunal with criminal jurisdiction that serves as a directive for the police to bring an offender in front of the judiciary to stand trial.

While such an order can exclusively be issued by the sitting judge or another person endowed with the powers of the magistrate, arrest warrants are not released unless the police place a request from them. This is done through a written affidavit which is meant to notify the court of what transpired, why it was considered a crime, and the reasons for accusing the person in question of the crime.

Because the police are responsible for filing the writ in court and investigating the matter before this is done, they have information about all the evidence in the case. After the judiciary considers the matter and releases the order, the sheriff’s office is also in charge of recording the issue of the active warrants in Roscommon County, MI.

Similarly, when such an order cannot be executed and is held back in the system under the name ‘outstanding warrant,’ the police also keep details on such decrees. In fact, even after a person has been arrested through the use of an outstanding warrant from Roscommon, the sheriff’s office will promptly make a note of this in their database of arrest records.

On the same lines, because the judiciary is involved in the process, the county clerk’s office is also pulled into the matter, and both justice agencies are held in charge of keeping the court dockets. So, for a warrant search in Roscommon County, your options range from the department of the sheriff to that of the clerk of court. The contact information of these agencies is as follows:

  • Sheriff’s: 111 S 2nd St, Roscommon, Michigan 48653
  • Judiciary: 500 Lake St, Roscommon, MI 48653
  • County Clerk: 500 Lake Street Room, # 1, Ross Common, Michigan 48653

Roscommon County, MI has an average crime rate with incident figures never going beyond 300 per annum. Fortunately, less than 10% of these are violent crime cases; this works out to no more than 3 incidents of such type in a month. Through the eight years from 2001 to 2008, only one case of homicide was reported in the area, while sexual assault clocked in 40 complaints.

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