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In Sanilac County, the police are charged with the execution of all legal processes; this includes arrest warrants, search orders, and bench warrants. However, subpoenas and summons are not served by the cops. Also, the sheriff’s office is responsible for the preparation and submissions of the affidavit that is treated as a formal complaint while issuing an active arrest order.

A Sanilac County active warrant can exclusively be issued when the information presented in this police complaint is adequate for the sitting magistrate to establish probable cause in the case. Legally, this can be defined as evidence enough to point to the criminal nature of the act committed and proof that the said person was responsible for the crime.

This requirement of ascertaining probable cause before the issue of arrest warrants is binding on the judiciary and the police. So, the magistrate may often call in the witnesses at this point. This is done if the information provided by the sheriff’s department is not enough to convince a reasonable person of the culpability of the individual against whom the warrant is being requested.

The court keeps information on outstanding warrants and other judicial processes, including those issued in civil matters like bench warrants, etc., the sheriff’s department and the county clerk’s office. The latter maintains the court dockets, which are records of case proceedings.

So, for a warrant search in Sanilac County, Michigan, you can approach the following justice agencies through their contact details mentioned below:

  • The police: 65 N Elk St, Sandusky, Michigan 48471.
  • The court: 60 W Sanilac Rd, Sandusky, MI 48471.
  • The county clerk: PO Box 168, Sandusky, Michigan 48471.

How do you get information about Sanilac County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • To report a non-emergency, call the dispatch phone line at (810) 648-2000.
  • To get information about recent arrests, call Jail Operations at (810) 648-8343.
  • To speak with a detective assigned to your case (only for victims), contact the Investigations Division at (810) 648-8360.
  • To get information about the process for conducting a local criminal background check, contact the Records Division at (810) 648-2000 Ext. 356.
  • To reach Victim/Witness Services, please contact the Victim’s Advocate at (810) 648-5463.
  • To get a certified statement of a criminal court records, contact the Court Clerk’s Office at (810) 648-3250 (District Court) and (810) 648-2120 (Circuit Court).

Crime statistics of Sanilac County

In 2019, the Sanilac County Police filed 121 criminal cases, as opposed to the 174 crimes handled in the previous year. These included 87 crimes against property and 34 crimes against persons.

Of the property crimes, 41 were larceny thefts, 34 were burglaries, and 12 were motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent crimes 29 were aggravated assaults, 3 were rapes and 2 were robberies.

In Sanilac County, Michigan, an estimated 400 plus crimes are reported every year, which brings the daily average to just about 1 incident. Of the total criminal activity, only about 7% can be attributed to violent acts in nature, while the remaining are incidents of property crimes.

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