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As soon as an active warrant is issued in Clare County Indiana, the local police actively pursue the individual in whose name the order was released. In fact, it is the police who petition the tribunal for the issue of arrest warrants. This is done by filing an affidavit which informs the court of the incident that is being deemed as criminal and the role played by the accused in it.

For the court to grant the request, the police have to ensure that the evidence presented by them is conclusive enough to establish probable cause. Often, witness testimony delivered under oath is all it takes to convince the judge of the merit in the case.

A warrant once released to the police is only recalled in very rare cases. One of the likely reasons for this can be if another person is accused of the crime and hence the probable cause that formed the basis of the warrant issue is no longer valid. Otherwise, all typographical errors in the document are treated as inconsequential unless they are found to compromise the fundamental rights of the accused.

Because arrest warrants are only issued in the gravest of circumstances and since outstanding warrants from Clare County stay in the police database through the lifetime of the accused and beyond, these orders should always be cautiously considered.

If you fear that an active warrant from Clare may have been issued against you, contact a lawyer promptly. Also, get somebody to do a warrant search on your behalf without actually naming you. To initiate an inquiry into warrant issues, you can touch base with:

  • Police: 255 W Main St, Harrison, Michigan 48625
  • Justice agency: 225 W Main St, Harrison, MI 48625
  • Clerk of court: PO Box 438, Harrison, Michigan 48625

Nearly 600 people are victims of criminal acts in Clare County, MI each year. Of the total complaint reports filed per annum just about 5% are instances that can be termed as violent. However, in case of 50% of all crimes, the incidents occur when the victim is not too far from his home or office. While this has given most residents cause for concern, the fact that there has been a decrease of almost 40% in the rates of crime in the area does make people safer.

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