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If you are reading this article, you probably believe that an active warrant in Gogebic County, Michigan, has been issued against you or somebody you know. Of course, it is also possible that you might be interested in looking into the criminal past of an acquaintance. Either way, through this piece, you will learn about the various state agencies that you can contact for a warrant search and the process of issue of such orders.

How are arrest warrants issued in Gogebic County?

The police have to mandatorily file an affidavit with a court in Gogebic County with criminal jurisdiction when they need a warrant. This writ is used to inform the presiding magistrate about the crime and the perpetrator. After a close study of the evidence presented through this medium, the magistrate decides if the information is enough to convince a reasonable person of the accusation being framed against the suspect.

If the investigative findings in the matter are adequate, a warrant is issued. At this point, the order is called an active warrant, but when it is held back in the system due to non-execution, it becomes an outstanding warrant from Gogebic County. Both active and outstanding arrest orders can lead to the person’s detention in whose name they are issued.

Who can help you with a Gogebic warrant search?

Of the several state agencies that keep crime data, the three departments that accept requests for warrant searches are:

  • Magistrate: 200 N Moore St, Bessemer, MI 49911
  • Police: 100 W Iron St, Bessemer, Michigan 49911
  • Clerk of court: 200 North Moore Street, Bessemer, Michigan 49911

In Gogebic County, MI, an estimated 80 crimes occur on an annual basis. Of these, a mere 8% are violent criminal acts with a yearly incident average of no more than 4 occurrences. Overall, there has been a slight improvement in the crime averages of the area. Violent criminal incidents reduced by nearly 20% from 2001 to 2005.

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