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In Livingston, MI, only the magistrate’s court has the authority to issue active arrest warrants. However, this condition is only applicable to arrest orders which are sought in criminal matters. A tribunal with civil jurisdiction may also issue an order for detention when a subpoena is not honored or an individual fails to show up in court; such orders are known as bench warrants, and the police play no part in their issue.

Arrest records and information on all outstanding warrants from Livingston County are maintained by the county’s judicial system and the local police department. So, you can approach either agency for a warrant search. However, remember that you will have to visit their respective offices in person to access such information.

To receive these records from the sheriff’s department, head to 150 S Highlander Way, Howell, Michigan 48843. The advantage of using the law enforcement agency’s criminal database is that you will get every bit of detail on all unscrupulous acts the subject was ever involved in unless these records have been expunged.

Of course, the judiciary is also a reliable source of information on arrest warrants; after issue, the warrant is first stored electronically with the magistrate’s office. Even after its execution, the documents are filed back in the court. To avail this information from the judiciary, go to 210 S Highlander Way, Howell, MI 48843.

You can also approach the office of the county clerk of Kent for the very same information. The advantage here is that you will also get details on involvement in civil matters apart from criminal cases. The clerk of court works out of 200 East Grand River, Howell, Michigan 48843.

Is it possible to get information on Livingston County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • If you are interested in learning about recent arrests, contact the Livingston County Jail at 517-546-2445.
  • If you need to know about a criminal investigation, contact the Criminal Investigations Unit at 517-540-7959.
  • If you are interested in basic information or want to register a non-emergency complaint, dial the following phone number: 517-546-2440.
  • If you want more information about obtaining criminal court records, connect with the Clerk’s Office at 810-229-6615/517-548-1000 (District Court) and 517-546-8079 (Circuit Court).
  • If you want to know about help available for victim of crime, call 517-540-7791.

Crime statistics of Livingston County

In 2019, Livingston County’s crime rate decreased by 15%. Around 63 of the 479 complaints were filed against violent people. These involved 35 cases of physical assault, 23 cases of rape and 5 cases of robbery. The annual crime average included about 416 complaints of property crimes. Among these were 347 cases of larceny theft, 48 of burglary and 21 of car theft.

Through the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008, an estimated 16,000 crimes were reported in Livingston County, MI, and only about 6% of these were violent acts. This puts the annual crime rate at just about 1600 incidents, and of these, barely 1 is a case of homicide.

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