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A written order from the court that is handed to the police with the sole purpose of apprehending the offender in question is known as an Otsego County, Michigan active warrant. The issue of such orders requires the cops and the judiciary to work in synch with each other.Since the police have the details on a case, they are expected to serve as the informers of the judiciary when arrest warrants are to be released.

The sitting magistrate will only consider a warrant hearing when an affidavit to this effect has been received by his office. This writ has to come from the sheriff’s department of Otsego County and it must contain pertinent case related information including the name and specifics of the accused, the victim and the witnesses along with all circumstantial and forensic evidence collected.

At the pre- warrant hearing, the investigating officers are present along with the magistrate and a representative of the Otsego county clerk’s department. While the judge deliberates on the matter and the officers are expected to call in the witnesses if required, the deputy of the clerk of court merely records all the information presented.

This is taken to the department in the form of court dockets and is made part of the state repository of such records.In the meanwhile, the magistrate’s office also makes a note of the issue of the active warrant. Similarly, the sheriff’s department includes all information pertaining to the order in their database after its release.

If this decree remains unexecuted for a while, the law enforcement agency then deems it to be an outstanding warrant and makes a note of this in their records. If an arrest is made through the use of this judicial provision, information pertaining to this is included in the arrest records of Otsego County.

All of this data can be accessed by initiating a simple warrant search in Otsego through one of the agencies mentioned below.

  • The Clerk of Court: 225 E Main St, Gaylord, MI 49735
  • The Sheriff: 124 S Court St, Gaylord, Michigan 49735
  • The Magistrate: Same as office of clerk of court

The police have not been able to do much about the spike in the rates of violent crime of Otsego County, MI. This crime category showed a growth of nearly 50% from 2001 to 2008. Annually, fewer than 350 reports are filed against various criminal acts in the area; of these, just a bit over 5% are violent in nature.

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