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Crawford County, Michigan arrest warrants imply substantial proof against an offender in a criminal case. Because the judiciary has been appointed as an impartial justice entity responsible for ascertaining probable cause before a warrant is issued, you can be sure that case related facts were studied carefully before the active warrant was granted.

An outstanding warrant from Crawford County should never be ignored as it can wreak havoc on your life when you least expect it. These judicial orders are not bound by time or geography. So, even if you are no longer residing in the county of issue, you can still get arrested.

The police have no legal obligation to provide the accused with a forewarning about the issue of a warrant. In fact, information on active warrants in cases that have yet to be closed is often held back from the general public. In contrast, it is easy to find details on old outstanding warrants from Crawford County.

A warrant search conducted through one of the government sources mentioned below will get you all the arrest records for the area, along with information on warrants, convictions, and more. To initiate a warrant search in Crawford County, you will have to pay a small fee and fill a request form. The inquiry results are often provided on the same day or within a week at the most.

  • Police: 200 W Michigan Ave, Grayling, Michigan 49738
  • Court of the magistrate: 200 Michigan Ave, Grayling, MI 49738
  • Clerk of court: Same as above

In Crawford County, MI, a bit over 200 criminal complaints are filed yearly. Of the estimated 1800 crimes in the area between 2001 and 2008, only about 180 were violent. On average, there has been a growth of nearly 70% in the rates of violent and overall criminal incidents.

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