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For police detention to be considered legitimate, certain criteria have to be met. Law enforcement officials have the right to detain any person who has been arrested while committing an illicit act without requesting a warrant for such custody. Another scenario when a person can be apprehended without an active warrant from Oceana County, Indiana, is when illegal arms and/or narcotics are discovered on an individual’s person.

Finally, often the police need to give chase to arrest an offender, so even when a person is caught fleeing from the scene of the crime, he can be detained without an active warrant. However, barring these situations, in all other cases, arrest warrants are required to legally justify custodial detention.

There is only one way for police to procure an active warrant; they have to approach a criminal tribunal of Oceana County. If an outstanding warrant also exists in a matter, an arrest can be effected at any time. In other words, there is no restriction of time placed on such detention decrees.

The police are forever on the lookout for people who have been accused in a criminal matter but have escaped despite an outstanding warrant in their name. So, both the judiciary and the sheriff’s office furnishes information in response to a warrant search for Oceana County. To get in touch with these agencies, you will have to visit their office in person and request an inquiry into the arrest records against your subject.

  • Judiciary: 100 S State St, Hart, MI 49420
  • Cops: 216 Lincoln St, Hart, Michigan 49420
  • County Clerk: PO Box 111, Hart, Michigan 49420

How do you obtain details pertaining to Oceana County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)

  • Call the Oceana County Jail to get information about arrests- (231) 873-3967.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office for anything that’s related to arrest records, warrants, incidents, and accidents- (231) 873-2121.
  • Contact the Oceana Attorney’s Office in case you need victim assistance- 231-873-6751.
  • Call the Office of the Clerk of Court to learn about the process for initiating a judicial record search- (231) 873-3977 (Circuit Court) or (231) 873-4530 (District Court).

Crime statistics of Oceana County

In 2019, the Oceana Sheriff’s Department received 232 criminal complaints, compared to 199 in 2018. There were 186 property offenses and 46 crimes against people.

Approximately 120 larceny thefts, 56 burglaries, and 8 motor vehicle thefts were recorded as property offenses. Around 40 aggravated assaults and 5 rapes were among the violent offenses.

Oceana County, MI has a very high crime rate of nearly 1400 incidents per year; of these, no less than 9% are violent crime instances. Through the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008, an estimated 14,000 criminal cases were filed with the local police. This included reports of such heinous crimes as rape and murder, with approximately 200 and 12 cases filed in these criminal categories, respectively.

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