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In Delta County, Michigan, initiating a warrant search can come across as a cumbersome task. The only option available for applicants of such an inquiry is to visit a state agency in person. Needless to say, this is far more arduous than the online recourse offered by many third-party information providers.

For instance, you could very well get information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Delta County, Michigan, by filling the form given above. This will give you access to a privately maintained repository of crime history data and arrest warrants.

When scrolling through such a database in search of information on Delta County active warrants, it is crucial to understand that the records in this repository are retrieved from government sources through legal means.

Also, apart from the convenience of looking for arrest records from the comfort of your own home, another distinctive benefit of using this approach is that you will get access to crime details from all states across the country.

In contrast, when you go for a warrant search in Delta through a government agency like the sheriff’s office or even the magistrate’s court, they will only furnish information on cases that occurred within the geographical bounds of Michigan State. This means that if the subject of your inquiry has an active warrant in his name from a county outside of Michigan, you will not get a report on such orders.

However, if the background check is being used for employment purposes, it would certainly be more prudent to go through government agencies. So, if you need a notarized or a certified copy of your criminal history report, you can contact:

  • The sheriff: 111 N 3rd St, Escanaba, Michigan 49829
  • The magistrate:310 Ludington, Escanaba, Michigan 49829
  • The clerk of court: As given above

How do you get information about Delta County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • For data on recent arrests, police reports and arrest records call (906) 789-5100.
  • For general information, call (906) 786-5911
  • For judicial records and court dockets, call (906) 789-5106 (District Court) and (906) 789-5103 (Circuit Court).
  • For victims and witness’ assistance, dial 906-789-5115.

Crime statistics of Delta County

Delta County’s crime rate went from 65 to 2750 incidents between 2018 and 2019. Property offenses received the most complaints, with 46, out of all the crimes reported in the year. In this category, 2 occurrences of burglary and 41 cases of larceny-theft were reported. Around 4 complaints were filed in 2019 due to violent crimes.

After an increase of almost 80% in the crime figures of Delta County, MI from 2001 through 2008, nearly 350 complaint reports are filed per annum, of which only about 5% are violent criminal occurrences. Most of the criminal activity is attributed to theft or damage to property.

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