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There are scores of options available for people interested in conducting a warrant search in Shiawassee County, MI. In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act of the state of Michigan, the police, office of the county clerk as well as the court of the magistrate are legally required to furnish details about arrest records and all issued active warrants from Shiawassee to any member of the public that requests such details.

So, while you can certainly take your warrant search to the county courthouse or the sheriff’s department, this would not be a wise move if you have an outstanding warrant out in your name. Because arrest warrants are necessarily judicial orders to take an individual into custody, you can be very sure that any attempt to get this data from the police will result in your arrest.

If you suspect that the cops may already have received such a detention decree from the court against you, it will make sense to look for information on warrants and personal arrest records through an online, third-party information provider. They will usually charge a small fee for their service; however, the state police will also expect you to pay for the information you receive.

Needless to say, filling the form on this site to access such a privately maintained database would be a decidedly more convenient option. However, if you would rather go through a state agency for a Shiawassee County, Michigan warrant search, here are three government offices that you can approach:

  • The sheriff’s department: 201 E McArthur, Corunna, Michigan 48817.
  • The office of the county clerk: PO Box 103, Corunna, Michigan 48817.
  • The magistrate’s court: 208 N Shiawassee St, Corunna, MI 48817.

Can you access the Shiawassee County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • To get information on arrests, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (989) 743-3411.
  • To get information on inmate records or to do an inmate search, contact the Shiawassee County Jail at (989) 743-2230.
  • To speak with a victim advocate, contact the County Prosecutor’s Office at (989) 743-2468.
  • To access criminal case search reports, call the Clerk of Court at (989) 743-2395 (District Court) and (989) 743-2239 (Circuit Court).

Crime statistics of Shiawassee County

The annual crime average of Shiawassee County stood at 167 incidents in 2019. Of the complaints filed, property crimes clocked around 152 cases. In the violent crimes category, nearly 15 complaints were filed, of which, 95 were against matters of assault.

Over the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008, a little over 9100 crimes were reported in Shiawassee County, MI. Of these, no less than 10% were violent crimes which included such heinous incidents as murder with almost 3 cases per year and over 190 occurrences of sexual assault. Through the interval mentioned above, there was a steep increase of well over 50% in both violent and aggregate crime rates.

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