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In Kent County, MI, you will necessarily have to make a trip down to the office of the sheriff, county clerk, or the magistrate to get information on active arrest warrants. While most agencies will allow you to make a request for this data over the phone or through the mail, you will need to show up in person to get these details.

Kent County arrest warrants act as judicial orders given to the police, which expressly state that a particular individual should be brought in to stand trial. Once an outstanding warrant against a person is made a part of the crime database, there is no escaping from imminent arrest unless the matter can be resolved through an attorney’s help.

To get information on whether the police have been granted an arrest warrant in your name, you will have to get a friend or your legal representative to approach one of the justice agencies mentioned below.

The sheriff’s office: Connect with this agency at 701 Ball Ave NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503. The police will be able to offer an in-depth explanation of any criminal matter initiated against you. However, if you show up in person to take this information, you will be arrested.

The county clerk’s office: This branch of the judicial system acts as the record keeper of everything that goes on in a trial in the form of court dockets. To access these official summaries of how things went about in a case, you can visit the office of the Kent clerk of court at 300 Monroe Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49503

The magistrate’s court: The sitting magistrate issues the warrant, so his office will undoubtedly have all information about arrest warrants from Kent County, including the original affidavit filed with the court to request the arrest order. So, this is another source of information you should consider for your warrant search. The best part is that the magistrate’s and county clerks’ offices are located at the same address.

Almost 160,000 crimes have been reported in Kent County, MI, over the 10 year period from 1999 to 2008. While this is slightly on the higher side, only about 17% of these are violent criminal acts. This, certainly, bring down concerns about the county’s law and order situation.

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