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In Isabella County, Michigan, the sitting magistrate of a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction not only has the authority to preside over trials against individuals accused in felonies but also the judge retains the right to issue arrest warrants in such matters. However, pursuant to the criminal code of Michigan State, the magistrate cannot issue an active arrest warrant without a complaint.

This petition for the issue of a warrant has to come from the police, the district attorney’s department, or the victim of the crime. The writ is filed to apprise the court of the illicit event and the involvement of the accused in it. Often, the circumstantial evidence in the matter and the inference drawn from it by the investigating officers is just not enough to establish probable cause, which is a legal mandate in the issue of arrest warrants from Isabella County, MI.

To ensure compliance with this statute, the presiding magistrate may also ask the victim or the witnesses to come in for a deposition under oath. Given the strictness with which the legally prescribed process for warrant issue is followed, it does not come as any surprise that several state agencies maintain records about active and outstanding warrants issued in Isabella. So, for a warrant search, you can approach:

  • The state judiciary including the office of the magistrate, which works out of 300 N Main St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, and the office of the clerk of court that is responsible for the court docket and which functions from 200 North Main St Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48858
  • The sheriff’s office not only holds information on warrants but also arrest records and a list of the most wanted criminals; the agency office is located at 207 Court St, Mt Pleasant, Michigan 48858.

Can you access the Isabella County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Corrections Division at (989) 779-3364.
  • To learn about outstanding warrants and arrest records, contact the Administrative Assistant at (989) 779-3339.
  • To get access to prisoner arrest records, reach out to Corrections at the following phone number- (989) 779-3358.
  • To be informed of the investigation of criminal case that you have filed, contact the Detective Division at (989) 779-3346.
  • To get basic information or register a non-emergency complaint, make a phone call to the Sheriff’s dispatch number- (989) 779-5911.
  • To learn more about obtaining access criminal court records, contact the Clerk’s Office at (989) 772-0911.
  • To inquire about victim’s assistance, call the Victim Advocate at (989) 317-4087.

Crime statistics of Isabella County

Due to the increased of 1% in Isabella County’s yearly crime average, around 303 criminal complaints were submitted in 2019, compared to 300 in 2018. Nearly 256 of these reports were submitted for property offences, while the rest were for violent offences.

Around 51 burglaries and 186 larceny-thefts were reported as property offences. The violent offenses reported included 24 assault instances and 20 complaints against rape.

Through the ten year period from 1999 to 2008, almost 10,000 crime reports were filed in Isabella County, Michigan. This works out to nearly 1000 complaints each year, of which 7% are attributed to violent criminal occurrences.

Although these figures seem dismal compared to some of the other counties of Michigan, the fact that there has been a stunning rise of 80% in the rates of violent and overall crime points to a deteriorating law and order situation.

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