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If you want to get a Mackinac County arrest warrant search done, you do not have to look beyond the local sheriff’s office. After all, it is the police who get the warrant sanctioned from MI courts. Contrary to popular assumption, cops do not get the carte blanche when it comes to making arrests. What this means is that police officers cannot just detain people on a whim.

Very few scenarios have been provided in the state’s criminal code where warrantless arrests would be deemed legal. Detentions in felonious matters and crimes committed before a police officer’s eyes are just two situations in which the police would bother to effect arrest without waiting for an active warrant.

In all other cases, it is simply more convenient to get in touch with the judiciary and ask for a detention order. This process cannot be tackled verbally, although the magistrate can orally order that an offender be taken into custody and then back this up with a written diktat. However, when it comes to the issue of outstanding warrants, the police have to go to the tribunal with a written affidavit,

This is the document on which the release of the warrant hinges. The information contained in it has to be enough to convince the magistrate of the suspect’s culpability. Once an arrest order is issued, it stays in the police database till it is executed. These orders are known as Mackinac County outstanding warrants. When you seek information on arrest records and warrants, you will get a complete criminal history report from:

  • The police: 100 South Marley Street, St Ignace, Michigan 49781
  • The county clerk: 100 S Marley St, St Ignace, MI 49781
  • The court of the magistrate: Given above

Over the phone, how do you acquire information on Mackinac County warrants and arrests? (This page was last updated in 2021.)

  • To learn about recent arrests- (906) 643-7325.
  • To know if a person is wanted on an outstanding warrant- (906) 643-1911.
  • To get in touch with Victim/Witness Service- 906-643-7329.
  • To get judicial records- (906) 643-7321 (District Court) and (906) 643-7300 (Circuit Court).

Crime statistics of Mackinac County

The Mackinac Sheriff’s Office received 117 criminal complaints in 2019, as opposed to the 132 cases reported in 2018. These included 107 non-person crimes and 10 violent crimes.

The non-person crimes category included 97 larceny thefts, 9 burglaries, and 1 motor vehicle theft. The violent crimes category included 8 aggravated assaults and 2 rapes.

The crime rate of Mackinac County, Michigan, at around 280 incidents, puts the area in the middle of the state’s crime index range. Fortunately, the county’s violent crime rate is exceptionally low, at just 3% of the annual criminal activity. These figures may go through a drastic change given the 80% rise in the number of reported crimes seen in recent years.

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