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If you are not concerned about the burgeoning crime rates in Wayne County, MI, you are doing your professional and personal life a great disservice. Remember that while active arrest warrants issued in Wayne do not double up as the verdict in a criminal matter, arrest warrants issued as such do signify that there is ample proof against the person in question.

Past arrest records and information on all outstanding arrest warrants are maintained by the judiciary and the local law enforcement agency. All it takes is a quick peek into their office to get your hands on this data. Of course, you will be expected to make a formal request for a warrant search in Wayne.

For this, you have to fill a form in which you will be asked to furnish all the identifiers about your subject, including his/her name, etc.

For these arrest warrants, you can approach the sheriff’s office of Wayne County, which is located at 1231 St Antoine St, Detroit, Michigan 48226. Walk into the precinct and ask for the records clerk. Once at the administrative or the public services department, you will be instructed on filling the requisition form. The entire process takes no more than a few minutes, and although you will be charged a small fee, the information you receive will be accurate and offered quickly.

If you would rather receive the very same information from the judiciary along with a generous tempering of information about civil matters, you ought to consider the office of the county clerk. The maintainers of the court dockets, the office of the clerk of court, will provide information on active and outstanding warrants and also other tools used by the judicial system such as search and bench warrants, etc. To get in touch, go to 400 Monroe St, Detroit, MI 48226

Finally, contact the court of the magistrate, which is situated at the same location. This is from where all those arrest warrants in Wayne were routed to the police. So, you are bound to find all the information you need about arrest records and warrants from this source.

Over the ten years period that started in 1999, approximately 122,000 crimes have occurred in Wayne County, MI, every year. This equates to decade long figure of over a million crimes. A closer look at the numbers reveals that only about 20% of these are violent crimes, while the bulk of that figure can be attributed to property-related incidents with an occurrence rate of almost half a million incidents over the decade.

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