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Mecosta County, Michigan arrest warrants are issued by the magistrate’s court and they confer a certain degree of authority on the law enforcement agency while ensuring that the constitutional rights of the person being accused of a criminal act are upheld. This is done by ensuring that the police are not granted an active warrant just on whim.

In fact, for the issue of all arrest orders and other judicial instruments like bench warrants, search orders and the likes, the police have to offer a written explanation as to why the court ought to consider their request for the issue of such a decree. Because a judicial order of this nature once released is seldom retracted, the sheriff’s department that requests these legal provisions and the tribunals that issue them are required to keep records of all outstanding warrants.

So, the sheriff’s office can not only provide information on Mecosta County arrest records but will also be able to help with a warrant search. Apart from this, the justice department will be able to furnish details on the criminal scenario in the area along with a list of the most wanted criminals and sex offenders registered in the county.

Similarly, when looking for information on civil cases and any summons or warrants issued in such matters, you can approach the court of the magistrate as well as the county clerk’s office which keeps the court dockets. All of these agencies can be contacted by walking into their offices in person or through mail; they are located at:

  • 225 S Stewart, Big Rapids, Michigan 49307: Police; they can also be contacted on 231-592-0150
  • 400 Elm St, Big Rapids, MI 49307: The magistrate’s court; you can also get in touch by dialing 231-592-0783
  • PO Box 718, Big Rapids, Michigan 49307: Write to the county clerk’s office at this address or call on 231-592-0145.

Of the 760 plus crimes reported in Mecosta County, Michigan per annum, nearly 600 plus incidents were acts of violent crime. On an average a criminal report is filed in the area at least twice a day and in most of these occurrences, the victim is found to be in close vicinity of his workplace or residence when the incident transpires.

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