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Cass County active arrest warrants are freshly issued judicial orders for detention against an accused in a criminal matter. These decrees for detention vary significantly from bench warrants and other legal processes used to bring the power of government in a matter against an accused.

For one, unlike bench warrants, which are generally issued to bring in an individual in a civil case, Cass County active arrest warrants are never issued without a police petition that requests the court to consider the evidence available in the matter and authorize the police to apprehend the suspect.

In contrast, a bench warrant can be issued against anybody who fails to show up as ordered by the tribunal or does not abide according to the court’s ruling. Also, unlike search orders that come with a specific deadline, arrest warrants, once issued, will stay in the system perpetually.

The only change that comes about in such an order is that if they are not executed within a few weeks of release, they are stored in the police database under the tag of outstanding warrants. A Cass County, Michigan warrant search through the police or any judicial entity will get you information on all arrest records and every warrant ever issued against a person.

For a background check, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: 321 M 62 N, Cassopolis, Michigan 49031.
  • The magistrate: 60296 Michigan 62, Cassopolis, MI 49031.
  • The county clerk: 120 North Broadway, Cassopolis, Michigan 49031.

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Cass County? (2021- Update)

  • Take your inquiries pertaining to inmate search and recent arrests to Corrections-269-445-3877
  • Take your requests for police reports, such as arrest records to the Records Division- 269-445-8644.
  • Take your inquiries pertaining to help available for crime victims and witnesses to the Victim Assistance Coordinator- 269-445-4469.
  • Take your inquiries pertaining to judicial records to the Clerk of Court- 269-445-4424 (District Court) and 269-445-4412 (Circuit Court).

Crime Statistics of Cass County

In 2017, around 350 criminal complaints were filed in Cass County. Although more recent data is not available, the figures of 2017 were certainly better than those of 2016, when the local police handled around 600 criminal complaints.

Of the criminal cases investigated by Cass County law enforcement agencies in 2017, around 300 were property crimes and a few over 50 were violent crimes.

In Cass County, Michigan, almost 650 criminal incidents occur every year, but only about 46 are violent in nature. While the county’s daily incident average stands at a dismal two occurrences, there has been a 100% rise in the rates of average and violent crime in Cass, which should give you impetus enough to go in for a warrant search.

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