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You won’t have to go too far for a warrant search in Newaygo County, Michigan, as both the police and the judiciary offer information on active warrants and arrest records in keeping with the Freedom of Information Law of the state. Pursuant to the Open Records Act, any civilian resident of the state can request details on outstanding warrants issued against a third party by a tribunal in the area.

Because the police petition the court for such arrest orders and execute the warrant upon its release, they understandably retain all records about arrest warrants from Newaygo County, Michigan. On their part, the magistrate’s court also maintains a record of all arrest orders issued by them and other legal processes released by the judiciary like bench warrants, orders for searching privately owned premises, summons, and subpoenas.

While these two justice agencies are directly involved with the issue of arrest warrants in Newaygo County, Michigan, another judicial agency that maintains records of all warrant issues is the county clerk’s office. This department is in charge of preparing the court dockets and keeping all information about trial proceedings.

So, despite not playing an active role in the release or the serving of arrest orders, the clerk of court and his deputies will be able to help with a Newaygo warrant search. Apart from this, they will also assist you with civil records as dockets are prepared for criminal tribunals and litigations from family and other non-criminal courts. To contact these agencies, you can visit their offices in person or write to them at:

  • The sheriff: 1035 E James Street, PO Box 845, White Cloud, Michigan 49349
  • The county clerk: PO Box 885, White Cloud, Michigan 49349
  • The magistrate: 1092 Newell St, White Cloud, MI 49349

On the whole, there has been a deterioration of nearly 50% in the rates of violent and overall crime that occurs each year in Newaygo County, Michigan. At the time of writing this article, a little over 700 criminal incidents were being reported each year of which, almost 10% were instances of violent crime.

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