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Charlevoix County, Michigan arrest warrants confer very specific powers on law enforcement officers. They can arrest the accused from anywhere and at any time of the day or night if they possess such an order. Also, such detention can occur even when the offender is found to be in privately owned premises. The police can use as much force as required to bring the person to books.

However, this is where the authority granted by an active warrant comes to an end. Although the police can pick up any items that are kept in plain view and use them as evidence, they cannot search a property owned by the accused for the express purpose of finding proof in the case if they have an active warrant from Charlevoix County in their hands.

For ransacking the home or the office of the accused, a special court directive known as a search order is required. These decrees come with a fixed validity period that often does not go beyond a couple of days. In stark contrast, outstanding warrants can be kept as part of the national and statewide crime databases for several decades.

You will find information on arrest warrants, search orders, bench warrants from Charlevoix County, and all other legal instruments ever to have been issued in the area from the office of the clerk of court and the magistrate. On the other hand, the police are keepers of crime specific information like the most wanted list. A warrant search for Charlevoix is possible through any of these agencies. You will have to show up in person at their offices located at:

  • Police: 1000 Grant St, Charlevoix, Michigan 49720
  • Magistrate: 301 State St, Charlevoix, MI 49720
  • County Clerk: Same as above

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or information about Charlevoix County warrants over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • 231-547-4461 – Use the phone number of the Sheriff’s Office-Jail to learn about recent arrests.
  • 1-800-577-1911 – Call the Sheriff’s toll-free number to record a non-emergency complaint.
  • 231-448-2700 – Call the beaver Island Substation to inquire about cases handled by them.
  • 231-549-2002 – Contact the Boyne Falls Substation for arrest records of a criminal incident that they have handled.
  • 231-547-7200 – Call the County Clerk to learn more about judicial records checks (Circuit Court).
  • 231-547-7207 – Call the Victim’s Advocate to avail crime victim-witness services.

Crime statistics of Charlevoix County

As compared to the 2018 crime average of 96 cases, the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office received 126 criminal complaints in 2019. The figure included 96 criminal misdemeanors and 30 felonies.

There were 52 larceny thefts, 41 burglaries, and 3 car thefts in the category of misdemeanor crimes. There were 18 aggravated assaults and 12 rapes among the reported felonies.

A scrutiny of the crime rates of Charlevoix County, MI for the eight-year period that ended in 2008 shows that there has been an increase of almost 30% in the figures of violent crime. From 2001 to 2008, almost 2700 criminal reports were filed in the area, and just about 8% of these were against violent crimes. In terms of incident rates, nearly 350 crimes are reported per annum.

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