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In Hillsdale County, Michigan arrest warrants are always issued by the court of the magistrate and they are executed by the sheriff’s department. Given the specific roles that these state agencies play in the release and serving of active warrants, it is understandable why all information pertaining to these judicial orders along with arrest records are maintained by both departments.

For the release of an active warrant in Hillsdale County, MI, the sheriff’s department petitions the court after enough evidence has been collected to file a formal complaint against an alleged offender. While the cops can call the suspect in for questioning at this point, he/she cannot be legally detained unless a confession is offered.

Also, whether to show up at the sheriff’s office is entirely up to the person in question as he/she is under no legal obligation to do so. However, once the sitting magistrate of a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction is convinced that there is enough proof against this individual to establish probable cause, a warrant will be issued.

Such an arrest order gives law enforcement officials the authority to arrest and detain the person in whose name it has been issued, thus facilitating further investigation. Also, once a warrant is released and a person is taken into custody under its authority, release can only be secured after the accused has been presented in court and bail is granted by the tribunal.

Information on all active and outstanding warrants is kept by the office of the magistrate which is located at 29 N Howell St, Hillsdale, MI 49242. Also, the sheriff’s department keeps all arrest records and details pertaining to these arrest decrees. For a warrant search in Hillsdale, you can approach the law enforcement agency at 165 W Fayette St, Hillsdale, Michigan 49242.

Finally, the office of the county clerk that maintains the court dockets can also help you with details pertaining to criminal as well as civil matters. To get in touch with this agency, go to the courthouse of the county at 29 North Howell Street, Rm-1.

In Hillsdale, Michigan a crime is reported every 13 hours; this, despite an improvement of nearly 15% in the overall crime rates through the period from 2001 to 2008. Through these 8 years, approximately 650 crimes were reported per annum. Fortunately, only about 9% of these were violent criminal acts.

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