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In Gratiot County, arrest records are maintained by the public services division or the records section of the justice agency and information on all outstanding warrants. However, the court services division of the sheriff’s office makes a formal request for active arrest warrants in Gratiot, Michigan.

So, the affidavit for the warrant is filed by this particular division of the district attorney’s office. In some cases, the victim may also file such a complaint in court and request the issue of a warrant; however, this will have to be cleared by the office of the sheriff. After the arrest order is released to the police, it is received by the court services section, which hands it over to the deputies for execution.

Upon arrest, the investigating officers process the offender and furnish all information about the case to the state’s prosecution team. The original warrant is sent back to the issuing tribunal while arrest records from Gratiot County, MI, are maintained by both the court and the police.

So, if you would like to know about the arrests made in a specific matter or if an acquaintance was ever taken into custody in a criminal matter, you can contact the judiciary or the sheriff’s office for information. To get in touch, you can drive down to the county courthouse or the head office of the law enforcement agency at:

  • The magistrate’s court: 214 E Center St, Ithaca, MI 48847.
  • The sheriff’s department: 226 E Center St, Ithaca, Michigan 48847.

Another judicial agency that can conduct a warrant search in Gratiot County, Michigan, on your behalf is the office of the county clerk since they are in charge of the court dockets. The repository of these trial records can be accessed by writing to the clerk of court’s office at PO Box 5, Ithaca, Michigan 48847.

If you need information on Gratiot County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • To file a non-emergency complaint, contact the dispatch phone number at 877-472-8468.
  • To find out about recent arrests, dial 989-875-5211
  • To learn the procedure for a local criminal background check, call the Administration Division at 989-875-5214.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the Victim’s Advocate at 989-875-5320.
  • To get a certified statement of a criminal conviction, call the Clerk of Circuit Court at 989-875-5240 (District Court) and 989-875-5224 (Circuit Court).

Crime statistics of Gratiot County

The Gratiot County Sheriff’s Department filed roughly 300 criminal reports in 2019. More than 273 of the crimes reported were property crimes, with only about 34 constituting crimes against people. The majority of property crime cases involved larceny-theft (239 cases) and burglary (19 cases). The complaints in the category of violent crimes included 20 cases of aggravated assault and 12 of rape, among other offenses.

Although only 6% of the 400 plus crimes that transpire in Gratiot County, Michigan each year are violent, a disturbing trend is that most of the criminal occurrences occur within a one-mile radius of the victim’s home office. Another worrisome figure that emerges upon the scrutiny of crime statistics of the area is that there has been a rise of almost 50% in violent criminal activity in the county from 2001 to 2008.

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