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Barry County police have no problems providing information on arrest records as well as all active warrants issued in the county to civilian applicants who seeks this information for personal or professional purposes. In other words, filling in a request form with the sheriff’s office is all it takes to get all details pertaining to one and more outstanding warrants in the name of a third party.

The sheriff’s department works out of1212 W State St, Hastings, Michigan 49058,and they also offer all other ancillary information about crime history records including a physical description of the offender, all charges filed against him/her and any bench warrants issued in a civilian case against this person. You will simply need the first and last name of the subject to access information on active warrants in his name.

Another source for a warrant search is the magistrate’s court. It is imperative to understand that only the judiciary has the right to issue legal instruments including search orders and arrest warrants. So, the office of the magistrate not only holds information on such detention orders but also the affidavit which was filed when procuring these arrest decrees.

However, these details are generally only offered to a legal representative of the alleged accused. To reach the office of the magistrate, go to 206 W Court St, Hastings, MI 49058.

Finally, the department of the county clerk is not directly involved in the issue of such arrest orders; yet, they play a vital role in the judicial system. The office maintains records not only pertaining to criminal matters but also civil cases which are called court dockets. You can browse through a statewide repository of these dockets by visiting the office of the clerk of court at 220 West State Street, Hastings, Michigan 49058.

With the sheriff’s department of Barry, Michigan receiving less than 500 criminal complaints each year, this county is certainly at the lower end of the crime scale. Also, only about 6% of these crimes are violent in nature. Yet, through the eight years from 2001 to 2008, there has been an alarming rise of 67% in the rate of overall crime as well as violent incidents.

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