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In Jackson County, Michigan, an active arrest warrant is a legal term used to define a judicial order for arrest issued in response to a writ filed by the local police. Arrest warrants are directives from the judiciary to the police stating that the individual in question should be apprehended and brought before the tribunal.

The court will issue a warrant only when the sitting magistrate has established that there is probable cause to suspect the person’s involvement in question. This is done by studying the information in the affidavit and sometimes by calling witnesses in for sworn testimony.

Whatever happens through the pre- warrant trial and the warrant hearing is recorded in the Jackson county clerk’s team’s court dockets. These records are then saved in a central judicial database. Unfortunately, the only way to access this information is by visiting the office of the clerk of court.

Unless you need information in print, you won’t have to pay for a warrant search in Jackson County. The justice center will certainly have several public service terminals that can be used to browse through the dockets repository and look for outstanding warrants. To visit this judicial agency, you will have to go down to 120 West, Michigan Avenue, Jackson, Michigan 49201.

The magistrate’s office will also save information about the arrest warrants issued and everything that transpired during the trial. To get your hands on this data, you will need to visit the judicial office in person. To do so, you will need to drive down to 312 S Jackson St, Jackson, MI 49201.

Finally, do not leave the sheriff’s department out of this picture, particularly if you need straight facts about the criminal matters that the subject was /is involved in. The sheriff’s office is located at 212 W Wesley Ave, Jackson, Michigan 49201

Over 42,000 criminal complaints were filed in Jackson County, Michigan, from 1999 to 2008. Of these, almost 5000 were violent criminal acts, including around 40 counts of murder and more than 700 cases of aggravated sexual assault.

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