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The procedure for the issue of arrest warrants in Menominee County, Michigan, is no different from that followed by other geographical divisions. The statute of limitations and the criminal code of Michigan are adhered to when an active warrant has to be released. Pursuant to these laws, the police and the magistrate’s court are responsible for the issue of warrants.

On their part, the cops play the role of investigators and submit all the information collected to the judiciary in an affidavit form. This is treated as a complaint which will eventually lead to the release of an active warrant. However, before the court grants such a detention order, it carefully studies all case-related facts. This is done with the express purpose of establishing probable cause.

Information about arrest records and outstanding warrants from Menominee County are held by the office of the sheriff, the magistrate’s court, and the county clerk’s department, which is in charge of maintaining the court dockets repository. Hence, a warrant search can be done through any of the agency offices given below.

  • The county clerk: 839 10th Ave, Menominee, MI 49858
  • The sitting magistrate: As given above
  • The sheriff: 831 Tenth Ave, Menominee, Michigan 49858

The search results will almost be the same regardless of the report source; however, if you need additional data like a most wanted list for Menominee or civil records, you will have to choose the agency with care.

At least one person is a victim of crime in Menominee County, MI each day; through this, the annual crime rate can be calculated at just a bit over 360 incidents. Of the total 3000 criminal cases filed between 2001 and 2008, no less than 150 were against violent acts of crime. This puts the average of such incidents at just about 5% of the annual crime rate. Overall, there has been a distinctive improvement in the area’s crime scenario, with illegal acts across the board going down by 400% plus.

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