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A preliminary hearing is what precedes the issue of an active warrant in Arenac County, Michigan. Legally, this session of the tribunal is called a pre-warrant hearing, and this serves as the first round in the process of warrant release. At this point, the affidavit is to serve as the complaint against the accused is filed in court.

The magistrate looks for probable cause in the information that is presented before the court through the writ. The evidence up to this point has to be enough for a reasonable person to believe that the alleged offender played a role in the crime. This is a vital constraint for the issue of arrest warrants in Arenac County.

You can find information on outstanding warrants and arrest records from the area through the office of the sheriff, the magistrate’s court, and the Arenac county clerk’s department. Of these three justice entities, the first two are directly involved in the process of warrant issue, as mentioned above, while the county clerk’s office hosts the repository of the court dockets after these are prepared during the trial. The dockets are simply a written report on what went on during a court session. To get in touch with these agencies for a warrant search, head to:

  • Office of the county police: 126 N Grove, Standish, Michigan 48658
  • Office of the county clerk: PO Box 296, Standish, Michigan 48658
  • Office of the magistrate: 120 North Grove Street, Standish, Michigan 48658

Can you get details about Arenac County recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)

  • To find out about recent arrests and active warrants use the non-emergency phone number of the Sheriff’s Office- 989-846-3002.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 989-846-4597.
  • To get a certified statement of a criminal conviction, call the Clerk of Circuit Court at 989-846-6131 or the Clerk of the District Court at 989-846-9538.

Crime statistics of Arenac County

The Arenac County Sheriff’s Office received 96 criminal complaints in 2019, not a big difference from the 100 criminal reports handled in 2018. There were 71 property offenses and 25 violent crimes among the cases registered.

More than 30 larceny thefts, 35 burglaries, and 3 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. Nearly 20 aggravated assaults and 7 rapes were included in the violent crimes category.

From 2003 to 2008, every year almost 200 crimes were reported in Arenac County, MI. Of this annual crime average, nearly 11% of the incidents were found to be violent. From the total of almost 1000 crime reports filed through this period, just about 120 cases were against violent acts. Overall, there has been a significant decrease in the county’s crime rates, with a three and four-digit drop seen across the board.

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